At Oceanridge Limited, provide effective services using modern and cutting edge technology, qualified and experienced staffs to meet your needs.
Our services are listed below.


Oceanridge Limited geotechnical investigation team is among the industry’s best hands in soil sample collection, onboard tests and laboratory analyses. We offer the following geotechnical services: Spud can analysis, Geotechnical Boring, Gravity Coring, Cone Penetration Test & Grab sampling

Hydrographic Survey

Oceanridge Limited uses a combination of Swath Bathymetry system and Single Beam Bathymetry system to carry out hydrographic survey. We make use of Hypack Navigation software which gives a good user interface for hydrographic survey

Geophysical Seabed
& Hazard Survey

In Geophysical Seabed Survey, our online data acquisition and processing methods provides our Clients with an on the spot access to their data and fasten the process of engineering design without waiting for the long process of office processing.


Oceanridge Limited handles various Topo Geodetic surveys such as: Engineering surveys for facility constructions and roads designs/construction, Pipeline route surveys in swamps and land, Asbuilt surveys, Location / site surveys and Well fix/Blue Peg Establishment, Sand Volume Quantification, QA/QC

Impact Assessment

Oceanridge Limited carries out assessment using International Association for impact Assessment (IAIA) Standard to identify, predict, evaluate and mitigate the biophysical, social and other relevant effects / impacts of any development proposals to the social and economic well being of the people and the ecosystem, which will aid in decision making before commitments to such project is made.


We dredge sand for construction purposes, land reclamation and maintain navigable waterways.Concrete haulage and delivery.

Equipment Leasing

Oceanridge Limited provides qualitative equipment such as Sub-bottom profilers, Side Scan Sonars, Gyro Compass, EIVA dongles etc. to the marine, logistics and oil and gas industry.